Jacob Frost, Guitar

Jacob Frost is a guitarist, composer, and vocalist with experience in popular, jazz, and classical music.  His work as a performer and composer focuses on creating cross-genre fusions and drawing connections between music and literature.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Drury University and his Master’s Degree in Music Composition from the University of Oklahoma.  In addition to his teaching duties, Jacob works as a freelance composer and serves as Music Director at Hillcrest Christian Church in Oklahoma City.

Elisha Moncrief is a classically trained guitarist living in Norman, Oklahoma. He has been playing guitar for 9 years and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Musical Arts in Music at the University of Oklahoma in 2018.  His guitar playing experience includes playing gigs at local
restaurants, church worship, and playing in jazz bands.
In addition to playing guitar he also has experience playing piano, bass, and choral singing. It is his desire that God is glorified through what he does in music.

Colin Ryan, Acoustic Guitar

Colin Ryan’s goal as a teacher is to provide inspiration and guidance in the development of a life-long love of music and acting in his students. First and fore-most, his goal is for students to feel empowered to make music or perform whenever, and however they want to as they move forward in their lives. Too often an individual’s self-esteem is dampened by self-doubt or critique from others. Colin views his function as an instructor is to be a positive influence in the development of the student’s personal confidence in their artistic abilities. He have extensive classical training in acting/film, clarinet, sax, piano and voice – but it is his personal belief that theory and technique are secondary to the joy of creating art. Colin would love to speak with parents and prospective students about their goals, and how he can help them or their child achieve success.

Joshua Tomlinson, Electric and Bass Guitar

Originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Joshua Tomlinson is a composer, sound artist and teacher specializing in electroacoustic music and technology. His background is in rock music with subsequent classical training in voice and guitar, and his compositions incorporate a range of musical styles, instrumentation and media.

Joshua is currently completing his D.M.A. in Composition at the University of Oklahoma, where his primary instructor is Dr. Konstantinos Karathanasis.

When he isn’t composing or teaching music he enjoys surfing, diving, and traveling with his wife.