summer registration

Registration for Summer 2023 is OPEN!

Summer semester goes from May 30 through August 17, 2023.

Please send any questions to

Deadline for Registration: June 1st

Summer study is highly encouraged to preserve skills and knowledge learned during the semester. Teachers and students can be flexible with scheduling to allow for vacations, camps, etc. To encourage summer study, Imagine has three flexible packages.

There is no summer registration fee. 

Sibling/multi-instrument discounts only apply if taking a full summer. 

If you take 8 or 12 lessons, your $30/family Registration Fee will be waived for the Fall.

When signing up, do keep in mind that all summer lessons signed-up for must be completed in the Summer Semester. We will not issue credits or carry-overs for lessons not taken. It is advisable to check with your teacher first about their schedule to make sure you will be able to get in all your lessons. Taking from a substitute teacher at Imagine may be an option during the Summer Semester. Lessons can be taken at any time in the summer and do not need to be taken consecutively.