Tuition information

Registration Fee

For Private Lessons

New students receive one free trial lesson with a teacher. There is a Registration Fee of $30 per family per year. 

For Classes, the registration fee is included in class fees.

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Tuition Rates

We operate on a semester basis, and tuition is based on the number of lessons per semester – 16 weeks in the Fall and 20 weeks in the Spring. Tuition is the same monthly regardless of the number of lessons in each month. Tuition will be prorated for those starting mid-semester.

Rates for 2022-2023:








Fall Semester
(Billed Sept-Dec)




Spring Semester
(Billed Jan-May)




Summer Lesson pricing is on a package-basis and will be available as the summer approaches. 


  • Sibling/Parent: 5% off tuition of each additional student.
  • Multi-Instrument: 5% off tuition for each additional instrument.

Tuition Process

When you register, you will be asked for your credit card information. This will be your default payment method unless you change it or add another form of payment by logging into your My Music Staff account. 

Tuition will be charged monthly, semesterly, or yearly as per your preference, and will be charged on the 10th of each month or first month of the semester/school year. 

You will receive an emailed receipt after your payment has been processed.

A late fee of $10 per month will be assessed for payments received after the 10th of the month.